When I started this facebook thing, I wasn’t quite sure what it’s usefulness would be other than the fact that MySpace was becoming increasingly useless.  I accepted “all people all the time” as my friends even though it stated very clearly that the cap was at 5000 friends.  To be honest, I assumed that they would “fix” this limitation by the time I got to 5000 friends. Obviously they have not “fixed” and currently don’t plan to.
 ”If you have more than 5000 “friends”, you have to use a fan page” (To be honest. NO ONE has 5000 friends, so, yeah…I get it).  
I’ve tried to appeal to those of you who are interested and invested in David Ryan Harris, the brand to “like” my fan page, thus signing up for all of the updates and exclusives that one would  expect from doing so.  I’ve been reluctant to shut down my regular “friend” page because I didn’t want to lose contact with those friends, even though the migration has been slow and even though having the two pages makes updating cumbersome, frustrating and confusing.
But a wise man appealed to me yesterday:”if you can’t get the people on your friend page to click a ‘like’ button, then what are you holding on to them for? They don’t sound like fans to me…”
Ouch.  Touché. True.
So, click the "like" button.  Join the “fan” page. This "friend" page goes the way of acid wash jeans and puffy Reeboks on 11/11/11.
Your biggest fan, David